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Greetings! My name is Nataliya Polyakova, I am a certified architect-designer, I have a higher specialized construction education and more than a hundred completed objects of various complexity! If you need to make an interior, repair or build a house, I and my team, consisting of designers, designers, engineers, architects and builders, will be happy to help you with this!

If you do not know how to take into account all the nuances before starting the renovation, which interior style will suit you, how not to make a mistake in the dimensions and not to pay twice for the work of builders and for materials. Be sure, we will complete the interior or project of the house on time, take into account all the nuances and receive all the necessary documents, we have been doing this since 2004! When developing the interior of a room, the project of a private house, I take into account all the norms and requirements of the State Architectural Commission.

Only this approach makes it possible to fulfill all requirements. And of course, the most important thing is that your interior will suit you, your loved ones, your lifestyle, your budget and deadlines! Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them. Let's make your dream of a cozy home come true together!

Steps for creating the interior of your dreams!
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Quality assurance and terms

This is the most important and most important stage of creating a design project. The first zustrich is most often seen at the place of the deputy on the object. To shy away from the world, all technical nuances are being clarified. For an hour of consultation with our designers, architects, you choose which colors and stylistic solutions will be used in the interior design of your apartment or a booth. The signing of the contract.

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Technical approval

The folding of the technical task helps the deputy to understand his feelings clearly, to be assigned to the functions of the place, forward planning, to direct his taste into a practical and realizable form, as he dictates the size of his place.

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Development of several sketch variants of the interior

As soon as the designer received answers to the questions from the technical task, he develops several sketch options for planning the premises of an apartment, house, office. The plans will indicate the placement of furniture and appliances. Variants of planning solutions are created together with stylistic solutions of various design concepts. All of this is submitted to the client in photographic quality sketches for approval.

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Creation of interior design project

At this stage, the main work of creating an interior and a working project begins. When creating the design of the project, plans of the premises before installation and after with reference to engineering communications, lighting schemes, ceiling and floor plans, sweeps of the walls of all premises with a detailed calculation of materials, a list of materials and the creation of a visualization of the interior design of the given premises are worked out, so that the customer sees what he will get after the repair.

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Coordination and introduction of amendments

Amendments are made at all stages of the development of the design project, but practice shows that the customer better begins to understand his advantages in the process of creating an interior, in fact, when the design began to be realized. All changes are made to the working drawings, which will fall into the hands of the customer and builders in the form of an interior design project.

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Author's supervision

When the design project is ready and submitted, the important moment of project implementation comes and it becomes necessary to answer the questions of the builders: how was the height of the ceilings considered, from which mark are the floor sizes. The author's supervision makes it possible to control the builders and quickly correct awkwardness and difficult moments. The designer also helps with the selection of decor items: furniture, paintings, lamps, floor coverings.

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5 problems from which we get rid of you

Interior design

You don't get carried away with design programs and don't feel like you can pick up the nuances, rather than go to a professional studio. A list of points that should be included in the design project:
  1. 2 expert opinions on the object or on the selection of materials
  2. Fahivtsiya consultation on choosing a stylistic solution
  3. Obmiruvalne chair with binding of engineering communications
  4. Planning solutions (1-2 options)
  5. Furniture layout plan (2-3 options)
  6. Plan for the dismantling of partitions
  7. Partition wall installation plan
  8. Admission plan after rescheduling with expansions
  9. Furniture layout plan with rosemaries
  10. Armchair furniture for individual preparation
  11. Plan for the entry of the entry: signs of the equal of the entry, the type of cover for the entry
  12. Stele plan from the designated type of vicorous material
  13. Layout plan for lighting fixtures and their specifications
  14. Accommodation plan for vimikaci and their specifications
  15. Outlet layout plan and specification
  16. Door opening plan and specifications
  17. Plan of placement of sanitary equipment and their specifications
  18. Layout plan for scorching appliances and air conditioning and their specifications
  19. Kitchen furniture layout plan
  20. Razgorka walls for all applications
  21. Chairs for decorative elements and partitions
  22. Asking for shops, salons, where you can buy materials with discounts
  23.   + 3D visualization of the main premises
  24. Author's view of the project for a long-term repair, 3-4 reviews per month
Skin people want to bring their dreams into reality, and especially if you want to squabble about self-realization, sim's, houses. Interior includes warehouses. Self-realization of specialty, showing character, looking at the world, relish - all the same you can instill in your apartment and your house! What do you think about the character of a person, how do you feel, how will the interior of the bedroom be brightened with red color from bedding to paintings, curtains, and how open will be the color of cavi with milk? Innovative, impulsive, sticky, creative - such a design, such a character of a person. Fathers, children, friends are the most important in life. If you have a wonderful man and squad, miracle children, such as you love, then the style of life of their skin can be seen in everyone who feels like a house. How to know the balance between the similarities of everything, the budget, the planning of the apartment, the style of the interior?
Yak saying the classic: "Happy is the one who is happy at home." The calm interior is a component that glimmers on the vіdstanі, guessing to oneself with clear images of a hole, vin to rob a skin detail thought out, ordered. The architecture bureau of Polyakova can protect your bazhannya and bachennia when creating a design project, be it folding, space and style. Mi pіdberomo pіd Your relish for the planning of the placement, paintings, decor, texture of materials, objects of interior forms! At the combination of these elements, that bazhan of the zamovnik is created decor, what to breathe! If the repair of your apartment is finished and the booth is finished, you will say “I fit!”. Another advantage of the creation of the author's interior is those that the apartment's versatility, the houses grow for the rahunok of yoga exclusivity.

Interior design project: price and terms

Prices for the interior design market in Kiev range from 5 to 100 dollars per square meter. For analytical data of profile data of mass information, close to 70% of studios promote a design project for 20-30 c.u. for 1m2. The term for the implementation of such a project is 15-20 working days. The next step is to designate that the terms lie in the swidkosti zatverzhennya zamovnik eskіzіv, idey, how to give it to designers. Insanely, the key role in the terms of implementation is played by: the completion of the studio, the number of staff and the number of projects.
The terminium also lies in the fact that on what minds you pracyuvatimete and what variant of the project to secure. Also, the term includes the company vikonu project to conduct the author's vision. Do we give the studio services for decorating chi and chi to give such a service to you? Most of our clients work with us for the recommendations of their friends - wait a minute to tell about those who we can take on ourselves goiter every hour. You choose us You will definitely be satisfied with the interior! Phone, we are glad to hear your dream about a quiet apartment!