Projects of one-story houses

The country house provides an opportunity to take a break from the city noise and the smell of engine burning. Most urban residents strive to acquire such a home ownership in order to spend weekends, holidays and summer holidays in comfort. Some even refuse the advantages of living in Kyiv, moving outside the capital. Having decided to build a country cottage, the first thing that is determined is the number of storeys of the future building. One-story house: advantages and variety of projects - later in the article.

Advantages of projects of one-story houses

Before approving the decision to build a 1-storey building, make sure that the amount of land ownership allows it. Since a one-story house takes up a lot of space, you need a plot of regular square or rectangular shape. It is more difficult to build a comfortable cottage on a narrow plot, but modern designers have learned to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Advantages of private houses with 1 floor:

Project options for 1-storey houses

Projects of one-story houses come in all sorts of variations, depending on the wishes and lifestyle of family members. We present popular types of cottages:

Polyakov's architectural bureau offers services for creating the interior of a one-story house. Our specialists will do everything to turn the client's dream into reality. To order a cottage project, as in the proposed photos, please contact the specified phone number.

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