Summer cottage design

A dacha is a country house, not intended for permanent habitation. Residents of cities come to the dacha in order to take a break from the noise and smell of engine burning. This is a place where solitude with nature takes place, where there is no fuss and haste. A country house can be of different sizes and features, depending on the lifestyle of the owners. For example, active people prefer physical labor, so they often organize a land plot near the dacha. Others tend to sit back, enjoying the silence mixed with the rustling of leaves and the cheerful singing of birds. The interior design of the cottage should be multifunctional and appropriate for events, whether it be a lazy family vacation, a noisy friendly party or a country dinner party.

Features of the interior design of the cottage

Each person imagines a summer house in their own way. For some, this is a cozy house with a small kitchen and a bedroom, for others it is a spacious mansion with a large hall, comfortable lounges, a sauna and a swimming pool. In any case, the interior design will be about the same direction.

The best solutions for giving:

To order a professional design project for a country house in Kyiv, study numerous photos to choose the appropriate option, and then use the services of Polyakov's architectural bureau.

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