Children's room design

Comfortable children's room


The design of a children's room is the number one task for caring parents. After all, here "experienced" seek to take into account many nuances. Both the taste preferences of the child and the aesthetic side play a role. In addition, environmental friendliness of materials, practicality and functionality are important. And to make a room for children comfortable helps the zoning of the room.


What is correct zoning? This is a technique that allows the use of the same room for different purposes. Examples are in the photo in our gallery.


Zoning a children's room


In the children's room, regardless of its size, it is assumed that there is a place for studying, playing and relaxing. If this is not the case, the child will be distracted during classes.

Zoning is implemented using partitions (stationary or mobile), cabinets and curtains. If the dimensions of the room are small, special color accents are used for the zones. So, the interior of the nursery allows bright wallpapers with a cheerful pattern for the play area and calm ones for the rest of the areas. For the sleep zone, blue, gray and beige are considered favorable, and for the study zone - yellow, green or blue. The photos below are examples.


Nursery design rules for children and teenagers


The decoration of a room for a teenager is different from the interior of a room for a preschooler or a younger student. But the main rule for the design of such a room is that the materials used to decorate the room must be environmentally friendly. In addition, it is undesirable that the furniture prevented the child from moving freely. It is also impossible for the furnishings in the children's room to have sharp corners and other dangerous details.


If you want the design of the nursery for your child to be done correctly, entrust it to professionals. You can order a project in Kyiv from us.

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