Apartment design

Apartment interior design by Polyakov Architectural Bureau. Creating an apartment interior design is a creative tandem process between you and an interior designer. Your ideas will find an expressive form and embody what you like, what helps you feel - comfort, personal harmony, in your own space, in your own apartment. You can see more photos of our works by clicking here Design apartments Kyiv.

Contemporary apartment design

Modern interior design projects solve three main tasks: Optimum use of space, especially if it is about the interior design of a small apartment. In the professional jargon of designers, this is called functional zoning. Create an interior that pleases the eye and soul and will inspire. The space in the interior is the self-expression of the owner of the apartment, the interior designer helps to see and realize the fine line between harmony and the customer's wishes. Renovation of an apartment is best done when you have a well-developed interior design project with all the drawings, which must contain: several options for planning decisions, plans for the construction and dismantling of partitions, floor plans, surveying of the walls of the premises, plus a detailed calculation of the material and accurate sections of decorative areas and many other things.

An important point in the design of apartments

A huge number of options for realizing your potential in our time creates trends, which in turn dictate rules and trends, including when choosing an apartment interior design. Today, self-expression and self-realization become a priority in the personal life and work of all progressive people. Especially when it comes to choosing the interior, things in the house that will surround a person 24 hours a day: furniture, tiles, wallpaper, floor coverings, paintings, vases, appliances, combining all these things into a single comfortable environment means creating a good apartment interior design.

5 problems from which we get rid of you

What is the difference between apartment interior design and design project?

Sometimes we are asked: What is the difference between apartment interior design and apartment design project? Design project is a more correct term from the point of view of designers, since each apartment is unique, even if it is the design of the tenth three-room apartment with the same layout. The project has its beginning - for example, a meeting of the designer and the customer in the apartment to measure the room and discuss the interior design style, the completion of the project is the transfer to the customer of the working design of the project with detailed drawings and visualization. You can read more about the interior design project of the apartment by following the link: interior design project.

Order the interior design of an apartment in Kyiv

This is not difficult to do if your acquaintances confidently recommend an interior design studio or a private designer who has proven himself in business, and your friends can confirm this. The difficulty arises if you start looking for someone to order an apartment interior design via the Internet. Each studio writes that it is professional, young, experienced, creative, smart, and only it can make you happy. We perfectly understand how important it is to make the right choice - to whom to entrust the creation of the interior design of your apartment. Approximately 50-80% of successful apartment renovation depends on the quality of the design project. At some point, we were able to answer the question: what is the secret of apartment interior design. We want to recommend that you read reviews about working with us, meet to see our implemented works and make a decision yourself. The design of the apartment will pay off, it is worth the effort to make it!