Polyakov architectural bureau

Hello! Our names are Natalia and Tikhon, the Architectural Bureau is our family business.


Natalia has been developing architectural projects and interior design since 2004. 
Tikhon has been engaged in construction permits and building construction since 2014.
We are a family and a team. We have two wonderful daughters, Lyuba and Vera.
For us, every project is, on the one hand, creativity, and on the other hand, a pragmatic approach and always from the heart!

Natalia Polyakova - in architecture and interior design since 2004. Received classical architecture
inpatient education at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUBA)
specialty: Built and constructed architecture.
She was brought up in a family of builders, her father has a construction company, two brothers are experts
graduates of the construction university (KNUBA). Since childhood, she saw the process and took part in the creation of constructions
objects, could observe the nuances of construction, architectural design, interior design.
Natalya Polyakova is one of the certified architects of Ukraine, certificate Series AA No. 002038.
"I am an architect, a designer. When creating interiors, I take into account the architectural features of the premises, which gives the client
practicality on an everyday level! It is not enough to just draw beautiful pictures, the interior should inspire,
create comfort and do not disturb the load-bearing structures of the building. In design, I value attention to details and
functionality When I create projects, I take into account the best traditions and approach of world designers
and architects. I also take into account the individuality of the client, his personal preferences, values ​​and how
his wishes will be reflected in the interior and architecture."

For 14 years of work, we have created and implemented: projects of private houses, projects of residential houses, office interiors,
interior design of houses and apartments. You can see examples of work here: interior design of apartments and house projects.
Before creating her own architectural office, she worked in the following companies: LLC "MZHKOBOLONPROEKT", JK "UKRYNVESTBUD".