Corridor design

In any house, be it Kyiv or another city, there is a “transit” area that connects the interior space with each other and with the outside world. The design of a small corridor area begins with zoning, which helps to organize the area in the apartment.

Comfortable and functional interior - installation of hangers and lockers for everyday clothes and shoes on one side of the corridor, and built-in structures for household items and slow-moving clothes on the opposite side. At the same time, two furniture groups, even of a small size, should have a different color.

Corridor design, interior zoning

Design ideas for the visual correction of the corridor space

Rule number one - the ceiling and wall surfaces of a small corridor should be designed in light colors. But the color scheme is selected in various shades. The next nuance is that the diagonal laying of floor tiles or laminate “spreads” the room.

A large area can be divided into two zones, one of which with armchairs or ottomans will become a small corner for a short rest for lovers of comfort.

Correction of space with mirrors is a proven technique. An interior with a large frameless mirror on one of the walls with properly organized lighting will be perceived as spacious and airy.

Using a three-dimensional molding profile to combine wall and ceiling surfaces looks fashionable and spectacular.

A good design for a corridor in a private house is wooden panels.

Corridor walls "love" stylish decor. But do not forget about the sense of proportion.

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