Design of a three-room apartment


Design of a three-room apartment - room for imagination


The design of a three-room apartment is a task both simple and complex. The owners of such premises are not limited by footage, and therefore there is no need to restrain imagination. But, at the same time, all three rooms should be in harmony with each other. And it's not easy. Yes, and there are a lot of interior options for a 3-room apartment. So after a thorough analysis of the design "chips", you can choose what each family member will like. The best ideas are in the photo.

Zoning as a variant of modern design


Functional zoning is still at the peak of popularity. After all, it is applicable both for a three-room apartment, and for any other. Among the advantages of zoning are functionality, style and convenience. More often, in order to separate one zone from another, furnishings are used. However, sometimes partitions, screens, curtains help in this matter. In addition, the interior of a 3-room apartment with the use of competent zoning involves the use of different colors, as well as different levels of the floor and ceiling. The most common functional zoning options are: kitchen-living room-dining room, bedroom-cloakroom (living room-cloakroom), living room-study.

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The use of furniture in the interior


As a rule, a three-room apartment assumes that a large family lives in it. So there are a lot of things too. The best option for storing them is built-in wardrobes in the hallway. Thanks to this solution, you will simultaneously save space, hide things from prying eyes, and will always have the necessary things at hand. In addition, the interior of the room will not suffer. The same built-in wardrobe can also successfully perform the zoning function. The design of a 3-room apartment will be enlivened by hanging shelves, bedside tables and shelving. These furnishings used for storage can also be used for zoning.


The "correct" design of a room consisting of three rooms is a challenge in a sense. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to professionals. You can order a project in Kyiv from us.