Construction passport for the house

Building your own home the way you imagined it in your dreams for a long time is not an easy task. And it's not just about money, the complexity of construction work or time. Even if you already have a site, designed in accordance with all the rules, this does not mean that you can build whatever your heart desires there. First you need to issue a building passport for the house. How to do it and what you need to know? Let's figure it out. The video tells and shows far from the whole process and stages of obtaining a construction passport, but you can learn something from there. We invite you to watch the video shot by the STATE ARCHITECTURAL-BUDIVELNA INSPECTION OF UKRAINE and decide for yourself whether you are ready to go through the numerous stages listed in the video yourself. The key point in obtaining a building passport is that, as a rule, due to any trifle, the controlling authorities, if desired, can delay the issuance for months. Naturally, we will do it many times faster! Let's watch the video!

Construction passport for the house

How to receive building (budive) passport

Why is it needed? This is a package of documents that spells out all the technical, architectural, technological aspects that will be taken into account in the further implementation of the house construction plan.

It has two components

1) the text, where all the conditions of construction are prescribed;

2) graphic material that visually represents how it all will look, taking into account the scale of the object and its environment.

1. Collect documents

2. Apply for a passport

3. Develop a project (not mandatory, but only if desired)

4. Wait for the permission of the authorized body

5. Notify about the receipt of a construction passport

What documents are needed to get building (budive) passport

And now in more detail. First, let's figure out what is included in the concept of a private house in the language of legislation. Individual (estate) residential, garden, country house, not higher than two floors (excluding the attic) with an area of ​​up to 300 square meters. Also, a building passport is required for the construction of utility buildings, structures, garages and landscaping elements on a land plot. If it suits your plans, then move on.

And you need to move to the nearest department of architecture of the local self-government body - the executive committee of the district or city council, but not empty-handed. There you need to submit the following documents:

1) an act of ownership of the land plot where it is planned to build an object (this must be a notarized copy);

2) an application for a construction passport;

3) permission of co-owners for development (if the right to erect a building is transferred to a person who does not own the specified plot, a superficial agreement must be provided);

4) a sketch of the future building. It is carried out in free form, graphically or using text, but it is important to show the boundaries of the structure relative to the site in an accessible way, how the necessary engineering and technical equipment will be carried out - all this with an indication of the overall dimensions. In general, there is a reason to remember the drawing lessons.

5) and do not forget about your personal passport and identification code - you can't do without it.

In addition to these mandatory components, you can bring all the confirmation of the feasibility of your construction: geodetic and topographic images, technical information and existing buildings on the territory, additional information about engineering communications.

6) a construction project is not a mandatory document at this stage, it is provided at the request of the owners.

Is it possible to make changes to the building passport? Yes, you can. But for this, it is necessary to provide to an already known authority:

Deadline for issuing a construction (budive) passport

What is it for? The authorized body ensures that the rules for land use are observed during the development of the territories, issues a verdict on the compliance of the planned construction with the general architectural design, considers whether the existing building codes allow the implementation of your project. It is on these issues that the commission reflects within 10 working days after you have brought all the documents listed above.

A person who is going to build a private house has the option to collect, draw up all the necessary documents and carry them to government agencies, or you can turn to specialists from companies that are professionally involved in such projects. Due to the advantage of saving time and morale, people often choose the second option, because the process of solving bureaucratic problems is not attractive to anyone.

Issuance of a passport

After that there are only two ways, there is no third way.

1. The authority issues a refusal to obtain a building passport, but with an explanation of the reasons for such a decision. This is mainly due to non-compliance with building codes at the local or state level,

less often - due to incorrect execution of submitted documents.

2. A construction passport is provided with the signature of the head of the authorized body for urban planning and architecture. This is the final result that is issued by the service after a series of actions:

In Kyiv, the task of issuing a building passport is under the patronage of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the City State Administration.

How much does it cost to issue a construction (budive) passport?

This is important to know. Obtaining a building passport is a free procedure. There are no payments stipulated by the legislation in Ukraine.

For those who want to delve into this issue in more detail, you can familiarize yourself with the state building codes - GSN V.2.2-15-2005 and GSN 360-92 ** (GSN (DBN) and the Law of Ukraine "On the regulation of urban planning activities", Order of the Ministry construction No. 103. Also, additional documents with building rules may be available at the local level, for example, planning decisions for the development of a settlement.

When the document is in your hands, we proceed to the final stage. Now it is necessary to send an appropriate message to the bodies of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine (the exact name is Notification of the start of construction work). And only now a registered construction passport gives the right to build a site. At first glance, this procedure may seem painful to an ordinary person without a legal education. But, after spending half an hour to get acquainted with the procedure, everything seems not so complicated. But if you don’t like to spend time in state institutions at all, then in Kyiv there are many private services that deal with the preparation of such documents professionally and will gladly take on your project.

The advantage of this system is that small houses are built according to the simplified procedure described above. For larger structures, the package of documents is much more extensive. And finally, about the prospects: the 21st century is in the yard, and soon such permits can be obtained using an electronic system.

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