Projects of houses up to 150 sq m

Projects of houses up to 150 sq m are popular among the inhabitants of our country. Such country cottages are suitable for permanent or temporary residence. They are suitable as a summer or country option. A house up to 150 m2 can be built on a plot of any size and shape, it all depends on the dexterity, imagination and experience of the designer. To save space, they build two-story houses equipped with an attic or a full-fledged second tier. At the request of the owners, a house up to 150 sq m can be equipped with a balcony, terrace, garage, basement. Country houses are built of brick, SIP panels (according to Canadian technology), foam blocks or shell rock.

Advantages of house projects up to 150 m2

Many argue that houses up to 150 square meters are better than large mansions. The fact is that such buildings are convenient and comfortable for permanent life, besides, they are cheaper to maintain. The main task of the owners is to competently organize the living space, to make a clear delineation of the zones of the house.

Advantages of houses up to 150 square meters:

Stylistic features of private houses

Projects of private two-story cottages with an attic are in demand. Such houses near Kyiv are found among residents of different ages, social status and lifestyles. Many young residents of Ukraine refuse standard cottage projects, giving preference to housing in a modern style. Strict rectangular shapes, simplicity, conciseness, functionality, a minimum of details are the main "chips" of modern houses. Many people prefer high-tech house designs, loft or minimalism, but there are adherents of the classics with stucco, generous decor and the spirit of luxury, whose photos seem to be transferred to the royal palace. It all depends on the taste of the owners.

To apply for the professional design of a private house, call the representatives of the Polyakov architectural bureau at the specified phone number. Ordering a cottage project from Polyakov means fulfilling your dream of becoming the owner of a modern country estate.

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