Design of a two-room apartment

Design of two-room apartments "in its own image and likeness"

Two-room apartments are perhaps the most in demand on the real estate market. However, having become the owners of a two-room apartment, many seek to remake the premises "in their own image and likeness." After all, only the so-called “new” layout has a minimum of shortcomings. "Khrushchev", "Stalinka" and "Brezhnevka" need to be improved. For example, in increasing the usable area.

Redevelopment of the apartment and its interior

For the owners of 2-room apartments of the old layout, there are such options: dismantling the partition walls or, conversely, dividing one of the rooms into two parts. It all depends on the size and desire of the apartment owner. Therefore, the design of an old-style two-room apartment begins with redevelopment. Experts in this field have a lot of ideas, one of which, for sure, will suit you. Options - in the photo.

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Functional zoning of a two-room premise

After redevelopment, the question arises about the use of functional zoning. The interior of a 2-room room will only benefit from this. Designers advise the following options: living room-wardrobe (bedroom-wardrobe), living room-study, kitchen-living room-dining room. Competent zoning can be achieved in several ways. Here, partitions, curtains, furnishings are used. You can also use a palette of bright colors to separate one zone from another.

Interior: in one or in different styles?

However, the design of a 2-room space is not only redevelopment and zoning. The interior of the apartment is also important. Experienced designers argue that an apartment consisting of two rooms should be decorated both in one and in different styles. If the rooms are isolated, it is better to apply one style. And in the case of a semi-studio layout, it is desirable to use different styles. However, the design of a two-room apartment in the same style does not mean that you need to resort to the same shades and similar trends. Only style should remain common.

Be that as it may, professional designers are always ready to help you. You can order a project in Kyiv from us.