Projects of two-story houses

A 2-storey house is a popular type of country cottage project. Houses with two floors are the best option for land plots of any size and shape. Since they take up minimal space, they can be built on narrow or miniature land holdings without compromising the free space in the yard. Small 2-storey houses are suitable for summer cottages or summer houses. Projects of houses with a garage are suitable for permanent living outside the city.

There are two types: cottages with a full-fledged second tier or with an attic (there are plenty of examples with photos on the Internet). Both options have both advantages and disadvantages. The type of building is chosen based on the composition of the family (number of people), age, construction budget, stylistic and architectural preferences of the owners.

Advantages of projects of two-story houses

Cottages with 2 floors are chosen regardless of status or lifestyle. Such buildings have several advantages over single-story options:

Projects of two-story houses include not only the layout of the premises, but also the features of the stylistic direction. The interior design of a country home ownership can be different depending on the purpose and preferences of the owners. Provence, hi-tech, modern, country, Scandinavian style are popular interior design options for cottages, photos of which you can see on the site. Ordering a professional project of a two-story dwelling in Kyiv is simple, you need to leave an application to Polyakov's architectural bureau.

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