Room design

Planning repairs in an apartment is not just drawing up an estimate. It would be nice to find time to familiarize yourself with new trends and fashion trends. It is important to think about the color direction. After all, the interior is not just the style of your room. This is mood, comfort and convenience.
Do you want to implement modern and relevant ideas in the arrangement of rooms? POLYAKOVA Architectural Bureau in Kyiv will offer a new functional space in the old squares of your rooms.

Interior design in the style of minimalism

These are open, free and illuminated spaces. Minimalism is a design with minimal use of decor. In the photo, you can see clear, balanced, rectilinear forms of the room. Interior without fabric accents, ergonomic sofas, chairs, case furniture - rooms with a relaxing, calm atmosphere.
A tribute to modernity: such a design implies equipping with advanced technical devices. Television projectors, modern music centers, cinemas, household appliances, innovative types of lighting harmoniously coexist in the photo in various interiors.

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The design of the room in the style of futurism is fascinating and popular


Bold design with cosmic, intergalactic, cellular notes attracts creative, young, extraordinary people. Ultra-modern decors and finishing materials are combined with the functionality and streamlined geometry of the furniture. Futurism presupposes the presence of technological innovations in household appliances.

Ethnic Asia

Design in the oriental style found its niche among the worshipers of the cultures of Japan, India, and China. Magnificence of ethnic ornaments and prints, rooms with natural expensive fabric draperies and carpets are a photo of Asia. Mandatory elements of the interior are low couches and tables, various mosaics and stunning ceramics.

Scandinavian style — eco-friendliness and cheerfulness

Ordering a design project with a functional Scandinavian style means furnishing a room without luxury with a laconic but warm interior. This is a "nest" for all households, but with feminine elegance. Scandinavian style — solidity, but with sentimentally soft, homey, sunlight-permeable curtains made of natural fabrics. Scandinavia is comfort without mother-of-pearl decorations and gloss. Wood, matte veneer, chrome, transparent glass — the interior of a Scandinavian room.