Design of a one-room apartment

The interior of 1-room apartments is a special topic

The housing problem still excites people's minds. And therefore, for everyone who has their own apartments, the problem of repair pops up. The design of a one-room apartment is a special topic. After all, a room with one room - a living room, a bedroom, a nursery in one set. However, the interior of a bachelor's one-room apartment differs from the appearance of the same apartment in which the family lives. Examples are in the photo.

Elimination of walls as a design option

However, you need to start with redevelopment. The most successful idea is the elimination of walls between the room and the kitchen. This approach greatly increases the usable area. And this is just what you need! After all, even a large-sized 1-room apartment is a room in which you need to place the necessary furniture, and at the same time feel comfortable.

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Zoning of one-room apartments

Zoning will make a cozy and comfortable one-room apartment that has increased in size. This approach is often used. The easiest way to separate one part of the room from another is to use screens, curtains, furnishings. In addition, the design of a 1-room apartment in a modern style involves zoning by painting the zones in different colors. Another popular option is floor and ceiling levels of different heights. Ideas - in the photo.

It should be noted that the design of such an apartment is a task requiring the participation of professionals. After all, the interior of a 1-room apartment is an indicator of the taste and style of the owners. You can order a project in Kyiv from us. With our help, you will certainly not regret it!