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How to make a kitchen interior design not expensive or who better to order an interior project from? The idea to ennoble one of the most central places in the apartment, the house, which is the kitchen, is completely reasonable and requires certain conditions from a full-fledged interior design project.

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At first glance, the interior of the kitchen can be done by anyone who has a taste. But in addition to kitchen furniture, appliances, the owner of the apartment needs to come up with and implement stylistic solutions, planning, take into account the explication of the room with the arrangement of furniture, the layout of kitchen equipment - this is not a complete list of more than 45 points that a professional interior design project answers - the price which just depends on the number of points in the interior project. You can view what a professional interior design project consists of by clicking on this link: composition of an interior design project. If you create an interior solution for the kitchen yourself, then there is a high probability of losing sight of important nuances. A space decorator, decorator, private interior designer or design studio will be able to correctly calculate the comfortable arrangement of different components of the headsets in order to use the room efficiently and in the best possible way. To create a great kitchen interior design that meets all your requirements and lifestyle, think through everything to the smallest detail or entrust it to an interior design studio.

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Kitchen interior design - the price of the issue. The price range for interior design services depends on two main components. Firstly, if you decide to order an interior design of an apartment in Kyiv from a studio, then the minimum price as of 05/01/2015 is 15 USD. for 1m2. The price for the interior has no maximum limits, there are studios, architectural bureaus, whose price for the design of an apartment, house is 50 USD. for 1m2. The average price for companies that are professionally engaged in interior design ranges from 15 to 25 USD. for 1m2. Secondly, if you have decided to entrust the interior design of your apartment or house to a private designer, then everything here depends on the experience of the specialist, which can be seen from the portfolio and customer reviews. On average, depending on the level of the specialist, the price will be no less than 15 USD. for 1m2.

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Kitchen interior design - to do or not to? The kitchen is a multifunctional space and it already requires increased attention. Here the family gathers at the dinner table, communicates with guests, prepares food. The comfort and convenience of households directly depends on the interior that surrounds them, and in particular on how the kitchen is designed. There are many interesting solutions that will transform any kitchen. Important decisions that you should pay attention to are: the choice of furniture, plumbing, lighting, flooring, tiles, wallpaper, and one of the frequent techniques of designers, an apron for the kitchen made of glass with photo printing. Furniture in the kitchen in interior design plays a key role, color, shape, texture - kitchen furniture occupies most of the space and is the object that takes most of the attention.

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Chrome faucets and a sink with a metallic sheen, futuristic shapes or familiar faucet shapes? What to choose? The answers to many questions depend on the budget, but apart from the price you are willing to pay for the interior, the main question remains - how to combine your view of your apartment within a certain budget and in your preferred style of interior design ?! Our company will be happy to advise you on any issue related to the development of interior design in Kyiv. Call - you are always welcome!