Kitchen design in a private house

The kitchen in a private house is different from the urban version. As a rule, it is larger and more spacious; the details of the future interior are thought out in advance. The large size of the room helps to organize a functional layout, create a comfortable and convenient place for all family members. Kitchens in a private house serve not only as a place for cooking, but also as a room for family parties, noisy gatherings with friends and dinner parties.

Kitchen interior design features

When creating an interior design for a kitchen in a country house, the specifics of this room are taken into account:

The main task of the designer is to organize a spacious, bright and functional room where you would like to spend evenings with your family or receive guests. The stylistic direction is of no small importance. The kitchen in a private house can be made in any spirit, taking into account the stylistic "mood" of the house. A room in a modern style, Provence, country, hi-tech, modern (photo) are common areas of kitchen interior design.

Where to apply?

Polyakov's architectural bureau offers services to create a beautiful, ergonomic and stylish interior of the main room of the house - the kitchen. Ordering a dining room project in Kyiv is simple, just call the phone number indicated on the website. We guarantee comfortable conditions for cooperation, quality of work, delivery of the design project on time, fixed cost of facility maintenance.

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