Design of a small apartment

The design of small living spaces requires special diligence to become expressive and cozy, regardless of the status of the apartment. The arrangement of small premises has its own conventions and rules, which consist in the correct layout. Landscaping of a small area should meet all the requirements of a residential apartment.

Design options for small apartments

It is reasonable to order housing arrangement with such overall parameters in a professional studio. Polyakov Architectural Bureau in Kyiv will offer photos of interior variations for such an apartment. They will create an interior for you, taking into account the rules of zoning of living space, with winning color solutions.

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Features of the design of small squares


  1. You can visually raise the ceilings. For this, you should use a vertical pattern of wallpaper, or furniture with an elongated configuration. But the most proven method is the vertical placement of large mirrors on the walls. But it is better to order a mirror decorative surface for the ceiling. A good solution is glossy stretch ceilings.                     
  2. Light tones of the walls of the apartment will visually make it more voluminous from a small one, add airiness and reflected light. It is possible to combine different colors of a saturated palette. Such a technique will bring some depth and sophistication to the interior. Large single decorative elements accentuate the texture of the walls well. At the same time, using a large print on wallpaper for a small wall will reduce the volume of the apartment.                                                                                                                 
  3. Furniture plays an important role in the interior of apartments. Modular and built-in furniture will increase free space, while functionally fulfilling its purpose. A folding table, a wardrobe, a folding armchair — a good design and freedom for displaced residents.