Design of a small room

The interior design of a room of modest dimensions is aimed at visually expanding its dimensions. Creating additional volume and airiness in a small room has its secrets. Architectural projects from Bureau POLYAKOVA in Kyiv are organized due to re-planning, decor, texture and palette of finishing materials.

Rules for choosing color in the design of a small room

If you are limited in funds and do not plan a major repair, pay attention to the details. Soft pink pillows, a lilac bedspread or a carpet with a bright pattern in the center of the room will allow you to update the interior in the spirit of new fashion trends without much effort.
Color and interior are an important duo in the design of any room. For a small girl, a combination of two colors is considered the optimal solution. The basic color is the tone of the walls and ceiling. He should be the brightest. The good lighting of the room allows the choice of pastel shades of the cold direction, shown in the photo:

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Neutral and warm colors are shown for a small dark room:
The second color can be either contrasting to the basic one, or a brighter shade. This color will add depth to the room, expand a small volume. One of the walls or its fragment, which stands out in color, will allow a large sofa or an oversized wardrobe to harmoniously fit into the overall picture of a small area.
If you add a third color, it should be a bright, small accent: a picture, a photo, a vase, a lamp, pillows, a plush fluffy carpet, on which you will lie comfortably.

Rules for expanding the space of a small room


If the living space lacks spatial freedom, then something should be changed. To order a project at the Architectural Bureau, you will receive a package of documentation accompanied by numerous photos and sketches of the room.