Studio apartment design

Furnishing an apartment in the studio style destroys the stereotypes of the usual organization of living space. The peculiarity of such a room is a single territory without partitions and walls. This type is popular in Ukraine, as residents of one-room apartments want to increase the interior space of their home. Such apartments should have comfortable convenience, practicality and have a unique design.

Fashionable trends in studio-type living space are relevant both for a small-sized room and for an apartment with several spacious rooms. It is important that after combining the premises, the studio should have a rectangular shape around the perimeter. In this case, creating an interior is much easier.

Design ideas for a studio apartment


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The design of the studio is a variety of styles and direction


The open space of a one-room apartment is a classic of the Studio style. This is often demonstrated in advertising photos: a spacious room in light colors without unnecessary interior items has practical properties. You will be helped to implement design ideas in the architecture office of POLYAKOVA, which is located in Kyiv.


Asymmetrical design, modular elements, the use of "democratic" materials: laminate, plastic, metal profiles are distinctive features of an apartment in the "urbanism" style. Youthful in mood and free from strict architectural rules, this design implies the most rational approach.