Loggia design

Loggia in the apartment as an additional room

Many consider balconies as storage rooms. Therefore, the design of the loggia is a topic that is not of interest to everyone. Only those who need additional space pay attention to this issue. The loggia in the apartment is an extra 5 meters of usable area. Innovators turn this square into anything. Options: "fit" the interior of the loggia under the office, under the home workshop, under the summer bedroom. Think outside the box - ideas will be found.

The interior of the open loggia

The "modified balconies" have a lot of advantages over the usual ones. Especially if they are glazed. Although there are also options for an open design. This design is seasonal. The interior of an open structure involves decorating it with flowers, using compact and practical folding furniture.

closed loggia design

A glazed "modified balcony" is another matter. There are more ideas here. However, first you need to insulate the room, eliminate cracks, level the walls and floor. Next, start finishing, decorating. The design of a closed type loggia is in tune with the functions assigned to it. Before starting repairs, contact the professionals. You can order a project in Kyiv from us. You will love our loggia design options. Examples are in the photo.

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