Projects of houses up to 100 sq m

Houses up to 100 sq m are popular among Ukrainian residents. 100 meters is the most optimal size for buildings with different operational purposes. Such small houses are suitable for a summer residence or for permanent living. It all depends on the size and shape of the land, as well as the construction budget. Sometimes the construction of a full-fledged mansion is not justified.

Mini houses in Ukraine are of different types and styles, depending on the preferences of the owners.

Popular projects of small houses:

Advantages of small house projects up to 100 square meters

Why are small houses up to 100 m2 more profitable than bulky country mansions? This question is asked by many who decide to acquire a private household. It is proved that such houses are comfortable and cozy, and can accommodate a family of 4 people. The main task of the owners is to competently organize the living space. Large windows, a minimum of utility rooms, the use of mirror surfaces, light interior walls and ceilings are the main "chips" that allow you to visually expand the dimensions of the household. Compliance with the zoning rules will allow each family member to feel the comfort of living within the walls of their own home.

We offer a list of undeniable advantages of such houses up to 100 sq m:

Small house design trends

Projects of houses up to 100 m2 are chosen by people of different status and lifestyle. Regardless of the size of the building, you can equip a truly comfortable and cozy place for permanent or temporary residence. It is only important to observe the features of interior design. Ukrainians are increasingly abandoning the standard projects of country cottages, giving preference to buildings in a modern style. Hi-tech, loft, minimalism are rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine, as evidenced by numerous photos. Fashion includes strict rectangular shapes, clear dimensions, an abundance of glass and chrome. They are no longer surprised by bare brick or concrete walls, pipes protruding overhead or rough plaster. All this is typical for modern houses. There are also those who prefer the classics, so they decide to build a small house up to 100 sq m, according to a standard project. In the interior design of such cottages, Provence or country style is often used, sometimes styles are mixed, dominated by natural wood, leather and stone.

You can order a project of a small country house in Kyiv by calling the specified phone number by contacting Polyakov's architectural bureau.

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