Projects of houses

Architectural and construction solutions, or, to put it simply, a high-quality architectural design of a house, is the main success factor! With great pleasure we will help you realize your dream - to build a cozy and comfortable home! We are ready to show the recommendations of our clients, as well as the houses that we designed, we will provide documents confirming that it was our company that took part in the design and carried out architectural supervision during construction. Below we have described what you need to pay attention to at the first stage of your decision to build a house.

Building a house in Kyiv, Kyiv region is everyone's dream!

It is very difficult to convey all the subtleties and pitfalls by writing a short text, so we will be happy to meet with you and answer all your questions both in person and by phone. If you are reading this article, then you already have a number of questions from the category: Where to start building a house? Who to entrust the construction of my house? Which developer will be able to build my house with high quality? The list of these questions can continue indefinitely, the main thing is to find the right answers, that is, competent specialists. The Polyakov Architectural Bureau will create for you a house project that you will like!

Who will design and build your house?!

Before deciding who to entrust the realization of your dream to, talk to the chief architect of the developer company. Why with an architect and not with a foreman, chief engineer? Each of these specialists is important and affects the result, the quality of the built house, but it is the architect who coordinates the work of the engineer and designer when developing an architectural project for which the builders will build the house. Also, it is the architect who carries out architectural supervision, controls the correspondence between what was designed for the client and what the builders are doing on your site.

5 problems from which we get rid of you

In the project, the architect prescribes and approves with the client how much and what kind of reinforcement is needed for the foundation, floors, how many cubes of concrete will be poured, what grade the concrete should be, how much and what wall material is needed to build the walls of the cottage, and so on. If the architect does not control the work at the construction site of the house, this is fraught with the risk that the foreman, at his discretion, will order the amount of reinforcement, its diameter, the amount and grade of concrete, the amount of bricks (aerated concrete, ceramic blocks), as well as other less obvious materials when building a house. The price of a house project - depends on the timing, volume and level of the architectural company.