Small kitchen design

The hearth of any dwelling, even the smallest apartments, is the kitchen. For the hostess, this room is a study, for the household - a place of rest and replenishment of "energy reserves". The interior of the kitchen space of a small apartment, due to its modest size, is difficult to organize in compliance with the rules of ergonomics. But the placement of the necessary furniture set, appliances and household utensils is feasible in any small space. Of course, it is better to turn to professionals.

It is convenient to order a project in professional studios. In Kyiv, POLYAKOV Architectural Bureau will offer you a catalog of exclusive sketches and photos of kitchen layouts. They are designed even for very tiny rooms in size: 5 sq. m; 6 sq m; 7 sq m; 8 sq. m.

Ideas for expanding small kitchen areas

Initially, you should decide: is your kitchen a dining area, or is it a place for a quick breakfast and a light dinner? A full dining area can be taken out into the living room. And then the design of the kitchen space will not be cramped. The kitchen space can be expanded by combining with a loggia, a corridor, with an adjacent small room. The possibility of visual expansion - the rejection of the doorway. The same color palette for the decoration of adjacent rooms will unite the design of the two rooms into a single ensemble "kitchen with a complex perimeter".

Small kitchen design, design tips

The interior of small rooms needs everyday rationality and accuracy. Get rid of everything superfluous. Minimum decorative embellishments. Conciseness in everything - and your kitchen space will become practical, comfortable and loved.

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