Projects of modern houses

Standard one- or two-story houses with an attic or attic are a thing of the past. Such structures are being replaced by modern-style mansions, characterized by simplicity, conciseness and functionality. Hi-tech, loft, minimalism are popular styles of modern country cottages. Projects of modern houses and their features - later in the article.

Innovations in the design of country houses

More and more Ukrainians are abandoning the usual things, giving preference to modern achievements of science and technology. Interior and exterior design of cottages is no exception. Now the correct geometric shapes, functionality and strict minimalism are in fashion.

Features of the design of projects of modern houses:

Creating a professional design for a modern home is not easy. Employees of the Polyakov architectural bureau will cope with this task. To order a project of a modern cottage, please call the specified phone number. The best prices in Kyiv, colorful photos and quality assurance - this is about Polyakov's bureau.

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