Living room interior design

The interior design of the living room is a place that is designed to serve as a place for receiving guests, a place of rest for the whole family, even if the interior design of the living room is decorated in Khrushchev or in a huge mansion. Apartments in new buildings are more loyal to their owners and often competent planning solutions are already provided.

living room design

Ordering an interior design for a living room is not expensive, even if you have a small apartment it is not an easy task, of course, if the interior design project is done by an amateur, not a professional designer. There are many options to create a living room design project in Kyiv, combining several interior styles and at the same time maintaining a balance, because in order to break the rules in any style, this style must first be sustained, and only then add interesting nuances to it.

living room interior design

Living room interior design: from classic to high-tech. High-tech style is a great solution when you want to combine the kitchen and living room into a single space, especially if the area of ​​u200bu200bthe apartment is not large. In the hi-tech style, metallic colors predominate and, as it has become fashionable to say now: fifty shades of gray, the whole gamut from black to white. Lighting in the style of electro and decorative details made of metal, glass, will create the presence of an IT atmosphere in the room. Home theater speakers and a large plasma panel or projector will make your high-tech living room as comfortable and practical as possible. For a classic style living room interior design, of course, you need a lot of space, it is difficult to implement this style within a small living room. Of course, furniture, living room curtains, colors of golden colors with white can compensate for the lack of space, but the interior design of the living room with a fireplace, large mirrors framed by a golden baguette, columns, stucco, a large chandelier will look much more natural. An important attribute will be antique clocks, candlesticks. The flooring is marbled stone or natural wood parquet, natural wood cornices.

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country house living room interior

Modern living room interior Planning solutions for the central room in a house or apartment are designed to be as spacious as possible and should provide guests and hosts with a place at festive events, serve as a bright, voluminous space where everyone will feel comfortable. An interesting interior solution for the living room is a decorative, most often, plasterboard partition with a built-in aquarium. As a conditional boundary between the kitchen and the living room, a bar counter, a glass partition often appears in the interior. Sliding interior partitions made of glass look especially impressive and practical. Often, sandblasting or photo printing is applied to interior partitions; this element in the decor greatly simplifies the ability to combine and separate the rooms adjacent to the living room.

living room interior design price

Trends in living room interior design. Prices for interior design in Kyiv can confuse anyone. But there are also positive aspects, in the last 3-5 years, bright and original craftsmen who love their job and, what is important, know how to do it well, have been defined in the interior design services market for the last 3-5 years. The interior design studio is a modern architectural and design bureau, which is one of the companies employing certified specialists. An unequivocal trend that is inherent in the leading interior designers in Kyiv is a large number of interiors made in the loft style and minimalism style. True, it should be noted that these styles are easier to perform when the customer needs to design the interior of a house or cottage, and not an apartment. Furniture that is used to implement these styles, as a rule, is author's, and even if it is produced in Ukraine, it is quite expensive. The real art will be the execution in the loft style or minimalism of the budget option for the interior design of an apartment or house. The interior design studio will be happy to implement your ideas and be able to add excellent details, ergonomics and comfort to the interior. Call us, we are always glad to see you.