Dressing room design

Organizing a separate room as an ergonomic closet for family members is a great idea for creating convenience in the home. Promotional photos offer many options for the dressing area and bedroom. As a central island in a small area, it is appropriate to place a compact ottoman. On a large area of ​​​​the room in the center, it makes sense to place a sofa or a functional island with storage compartments, seats and a table for makeup.

The nuances of the design of the dressing room

You can come up with the layout of the room yourself, but it would be more correct to order this service in design studios. Ergonomics and design and this is what distinguishes the skill of professionals. But it is up to the owners to organize the interior space in the dressing room, and here you need to use numerous sketches and photos.

In the design project of the dressing room, it is necessary to provide for the installation of racks, cabinets, shelves for a logical and rational placement of clothes, shoes and accessories. Spacious cottages or modern luxury apartments can definitely afford full-sized dressing rooms.

And you can order a carefully thought-out dressing room design in Kyiv in our studio.

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