Projects of one-story houses with an attic

Attic - an attic space located above the residential part of the house. The main feature of such a room is that it can be residential. In other words, the attic is an attic converted into a full-fledged inhabited part of the household. A distinctive feature of the attic floors is the irregular shape with sloping walls and ceiling. Despite this, the designers managed to turn such a disadvantage into a virtue. Projects of modern one-story houses with an attic attract both original appearance and functionality. Now you can profitably use every meter of space, saving on house maintenance.

Advantages of one-story houses with an attic

Projects of 1-storey houses with an attic floor are a profitable solution for any type of building. This is an option for a summer cottage, fishing or hunting lodge, and a compact building with a garage is suitable for permanent residence. Thanks to modern technologies, life under the roof has become more comfortable and cozy. High-quality insulation, lightweight roofing materials, waterproofing systems can create an optimal climate inside the attic. Now you don’t have to suffer from sultry heat in summer, and from frost in winter. A cottage with an attic is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Advantages of houses with an attic:

Where to order a project of a 1-storey cottage with an attic?

It is easy to order the design of a one-story house with an attic floor in Kyiv. Contact Polyakov's architectural bureau. Specialists will create a professional cottage project with a terrace, garage, basement or utility room, taking into account the wishes of the owners. For convenience of choice, we offer photo options for decorating cottages with an attic space. Our projects will please even the most capricious customers!

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