Bathroom design

The interior shown in our numerous photos helps with the visualization of the proposals for the design of the bathroom. It is important to ergonomically distribute the territory. This is true for small areas. A shower cabin in the bathroom is a suitable solution for saving room space. After all, a lot of space is still needed for a washbasin, plumbing systems, a washing machine, for cabinets and shelves for accessories.

Current trends in bathroom interior design

Modern design - laconic interior with minimalism in the "mood" of the bathroom. When shaping the environment, it all comes down to the traditional set of plumbing and storage systems for sanitary supplies. The use of decor in design in one tone creates a fresh look even in a small room. The color scheme in white and pastel colors is a favorite of modern bathrooms. But interior designers recommend adding contrasting colors for floors or one wall in four.

A fashionable trend for the bathroom is the decoration of the room with combined materials. You can order a mosaic finish in combination with large tiles. You can combine decorative plaster or stone with glossy ceramics. Use of mirror inserts in facing of surfaces is possible. The use of wood elements or analogues will add natural warmth to the room.

Lighting systems are not only a source of light. This is an opportunity to add decorativeness to the overall composition. Spotlights correct the geometry of the ceiling perimeter.

Glass and mirror surfaces are able to visually expand spatial perception. Transparent plastic and glass partitions, letting in light, do not clutter up the interior when zoning the space in a bathroom with an area of ​​more than 5 sq. m.

Plumbing in a modern style is not only an aesthetic design. Functionality, innovative technologies, convenience and practicality of faucets and faucets are essential requirements for consumers. Ceramic collections of sanitary ware of famous brands are offered in Kyiv. One solution is a strict and straightforward geometry of the lines, the second is an elegant smoothness.

Every owner and hostess wants to see a beautiful design in the bathroom, designed functionally and competently. Any room in the house should be equipped in compliance with a single stylistic character, and the bathroom, at the same time, should complete the image created in the apartment. And our studio will be happy to help you in this matter.

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