Projects of houses with an attic

An attic is an attic space in a private house, converted into living rooms. Its main feature is its irregular shape with sloping walls and ceiling. Modern designers have managed to turn such a disadvantage into an advantage. More and more people are abandoning an unnecessary attic, preferring to use the space under the roof with benefit. Now the project of a house with an attic is a popular solution for suburban and summer cottages. Even in the old Kyiv Khrushchev houses, the attic is equipped with a room on the roof. Thus, the living space increases, each meter of the dwelling is used to the benefit of the owners.

Advantages of houses with an attic floor

The project of a house with an attic is a profitable solution for any type of building, whether it is a country house, hunting, fishing house or a luxurious country mansion near Kyiv. If earlier it was almost impossible to live in the attic (it is hot in summer and cold in winter), then modern technologies will make it possible to make such a room comfortable and cozy at any time of the year. Insulation, lightweight roofing materials and waterproofing systems make the room under the roof as comfortable as possible.

Advantages of the attic:

Where to order a cottage project with an attic floor?

Projects of residential buildings with an attic are varied. The dimensions, shape, type of roof, stylistic direction of the interior, the presence of a garage or utility rooms depend on the personal wishes of the owners. Ukrainian designers offer a lot of design options for a 1.5-storey building. Polyakov's architectural bureau offers services for the creation of a professional interior project for a cottage with an attic. We order any type of construction (for permanent or temporary residence, with a garage and a basement). We are sure that you will definitely like something from the provided photos of houses.

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