Toilet design

Bathroom design materials

The design of the toilet is something that every second apartment owner pays insufficient attention to. But in vain! So, when deciding on the restoration of the bathroom, consider both your own taste preferences and the materials for finishing the toilet. It is worth purchasing moisture-resistant materials that are easy to clean and tolerate exposure to chemicals. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. The design of the bathroom involves the use of ceramic (marble) tiles, laminated panels, moisture-resistant wallpaper. And their range is wide.

White color in the interior of the toilet

Let's talk about the color palette. The interior of a small closet will benefit from the white color of the room. This color creates a feeling of cleanliness and visually expands the space. But in this case, it is desirable to add a couple of contrasting accents. Then the bathroom will not look like an operating room. Pastel colors are also popular for design. See the photo for examples of such interiors.

Dark shades in the design of the bathroom

The latrines in dark colors look original. A white toilet bowl in such a room immediately attracts attention. But this solution is suitable for a large toilet. And for even greater visual expansion of space, use mirror surfaces. An interesting option is dark walls and a light floor. This will make the restroom less gloomy. Other non-standard solutions are also possible. Check it out by looking at our photos.

Toilet design is a fascinating process if approached properly. And you can order a professional project in Kyiv from us.

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