Design of a children's room for a boy

Interior of a nursery for a boy


The design of a boy's room is a topic that torments the minds of those who have sons. A guy with character will refuse to live in a room if he does not like it. So it is necessary to take into account not only rational considerations of parents. The presence of images with "cars", Spiderman, Captain America or Superman is only welcome. After all, the interior of the nursery should meet the boy's ideas about the dream room. However, these perceptions change with age.


Design for a teenage boy


In the design of the nursery, furnishings are required. The smaller the child, the less traumatic they should be. The environmental friendliness of the materials that are used to decorate the room is the rule of the interior of the room for both the boy and the girl. However, for a teenage boy, non-traumatic furniture does not play a big role. After all, such a child is already almost an adult. Here, convenience and taste preferences of the owner of the premises come first.


Zoning in a room for a teenager


For the correct design of a teenager's room, the use of zoning of the room is typical. For this purpose, cabinets, racks, screens, partitions are “involved”. However, the same effect can be achieved by painting the zones with different colors. Although the room where the boy lives differs in color from the room for the girl, the zoning rules are the same for everyone. Therefore, a competent design of a room for a boy (as well as for a girl) involves painting the play area in bright colors, and the rest of the areas in calmer ones.

See the photo for ideas of the original interior. And you can order a professional children's project in Kyiv from us.

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