Hallway design

The interior of the hallways, with the obligatory functionality, sets the tone for the atmosphere of the house. Oddly enough, the design of the hallway sets the energy mood for entering the house: goodwill, hospitality, elegance.

Hallway design features

A neutral color palette of light-toned walls in a small “front” will create the impression of a spacious volume. Glossy finish will be a win-win option in this case. Dark-toned accents moving deeper into the hallway will make the design individually expressive.

For a narrow end wall and door, it is better to choose a dark color. The room will take on a square shape. In the case when the wall is “deaf”, then the picture will become a successful architectural move.

Platbands are a tool for creating proportions of the geometry of the perimeter of a room. Cornices, moldings, false panels, will make the interior of the smooth surfaces of the walls of the hallway embossed and visually large. These are the attributes for creating the architectural style of the room.

Bright carpeting on the floor is a good color accent for a monotonous design.

Natural lighting in the hallway is possible in private cottages or in an elite class apartment. But even these layout options need additional lighting in the form of sconces, chandeliers, spotlights, reflective mirrors, which advertising photos successfully demonstrate. Stylish lamps - create a cozy design. The light will "expand" the narrow room, and the female "population" in front of a well-lit mirror will allow you to once again adjust your makeup or outfit.

Necessary items in the interior of the hallways

A mirror is a mandatory attribute for the front. Moreover, the lack of frames on them creates the illusion of continuing space and its delimitation.

When ordering wardrobes for clothes, shoes, bags and household items for the hallway, you need to take into account ergonomics and compliance of items with the overall style and design of the room.

The spacious room is furnished with soft furniture modules. They will become a cozy island for relaxation, communication and gathering.

And last but not least, the decor is modern. Pictures, photos in the original design on the walls, shelves and niches will set the atmosphere of the character of the owners of the house, their interests and affections. A professionally organized interior is always literate and sophisticated.

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