Balcony design

Balcony design

Balcony as a separate room

Do you think a balcony is an additional place for trash? Wrong! The balcony in the apartment is a kind of terrace and additional meters of usable area. Therefore, the design of the balcony is a topic worthy of attention. If desired, such a “room is turned into a separate room: a workshop, an office, a seasonal “dining room”.

The interior of the open "terrace"

If the "terrace" has an open structure, then comfortable, compact garden chairs and their correct location are what you need to transform the interior of the balcony. This "terrace" can be turned into a kind of summer greenhouse. Place live plantings along the railing, near the base of the fence, and climbing plants on special gratings. Ready! Saving space, comfort, aesthetics - there!

Balcony study

The design of a closed type balcony assumes an initial refinement. Insulation, elimination of cracks, alignment of walls and floors - first. Finishing and decoration - after. A popular option is an office. Here you need high-quality combined lighting, as well as matching finishing materials to the chosen style of the room.

The right idea is to entrust the design of the balcony to professionals. The project in Kyiv can be ordered from us. Options - in the photo.

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