Dining room design

Dining room design

The dining area is often organized in the apartment in the kitchen. This saves space and makes transporting food easier. The kitchen-dining room is a layout option that many people choose.

Dining room design in the kitchen

For residents of the city, the dream of a spacious dining room with comfortable table and chairs, the design of which is newfangled and beautiful, is often unrealistic. It is more customary to arrange dinners in the kitchen.

Such layouts free up useful space for a dining group. Premises with a large area allow you to organize a walk-through parallel placement of areas for the kitchen and lunch.

Current options for planning a dining room in a spacious living space

The interior in a spacious room is an abundance of proposals. Dining room projects are offered in numerous promotional photos. A large living room in a private cottage is often reserved for a welcoming room with a dining area. In Ukraine, it is fashionable, practical and looks elegant.

The photo often offers a spectacular version of harmoniously spaced stylish chairs around the table. This is a design that is conducive to family gatherings at a served table and receiving guests on its territory. The dining table is a responsible choice. This is not only "useful" furniture. It sets the overall tone for interior design.

The architectural company POLYAKOVA in Kyiv has a large selection of dining room projects with exclusive stylistic and color solutions.

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